BatLaunch is a windows console app written in C#. When executed, it looks for
the file batlaunch.bat in the .bat subfolder of batlaunch.exe and
executes it.


I wanted to put a shortcut in the Windows Taskbar and/or the Windows Start
Screen but I could not find an easy way to do that.

Maybe a registry hack could accomplish what I wanted, but I tend to avoid
registry hacks (most of the time).


  • Make as many folders as you need containing batlaunch.exe with a .bat
  • Prepare and place your batlaunch.bat file in the .bat subfolder.
  • Create a shortcut for batlaunch.exe
    • Name it anything you please.
    • Change the shortcut icon as desired.
  • Place the shorcut on either the
    • Task Bar
    • Windows Start Screen
    • Desktop or any other folder

Folder Structure

Key: (F) means a tree node is a Folder

any-folder (F) 
├╴.bat (F)
│  ├╴ batlaunch.bat   
│  └╴(backup batch files)