BatLaunch is a windows console app written in C#. When executed, it looks for
the file batlaunch.bat in the .bat subfolder of batlaunch.exe and
executes it.


I wanted to put a shortcut in the Windows Taskbar and/or the Windows Start
Screen but I could not find an easy way to do that.

Maybe a registry hack could accomplish what I wanted, but I tend to avoid
registry hacks (most of the time).


  • Make as many folders as you need containing batlaunch.exe with a .bat
  • Prepare and place your batlaunch.bat file in the .bat subfolder.
  • Create a shortcut for batlaunch.exe
    • Name it anything you please.
    • Change the shortcut icon as desired.
  • Place the shorcut on either the
    • Task Bar
    • Windows Start Screen
    • Desktop or any other folder

Folder Structure

Key: (F) means a tree node is a Folder

any-folder (F) 
├╴.bat (F)
│  ├╴ batlaunch.bat   
│  └╴(backup batch files)


YAM2H Online Converter

Yet Another Markdown To HTML

See how you can enable your site with markdown capability.

YAM2H demonstrates the conversion of markdown to HTML via JavaScript in a web browser.

Markdown, HTML & Results Displayed

  • Write markdown in your browser — or click buttons to generate example markdown for you
  • Click the “Convert” button
  • Another text box displays the generated HTML code
  • The browser then renders the HTML code, displaying the final result



Here’s a link to a Markdown Cheatsheet

Convert the other way — HTML to Markdown

An app, to-markdown, by Dom Christie takes HTML and converts it to Markdown.

Welcome is used as a companion to github contributions.

— Carl Engstrom